At Black Bear Carpet Cleaning and Repair, we use only the best products and offer services for residential as well as commercial properties. Take a look below at just some of the services we offer.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning
Pet damage, heavy soil, Green Cleaning Per Est

This cleaning method allows us to safely remove dirt, spots and odors from your carpet without leaving behind residue.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Restorative steam cleaning, Grout re sealing Per Est

We’ll take all the hard work out of cleaning your grout and tile for you! Our cleaning method will clean out the hidden dirt and restore the shine to your floors.

Upholstery and Auto Steam Cleaning
Furniture, Boats,‏ Cars, Trucks Per Est

Dirt and grime can easily get trapped in your upholstery, dulling the appearance. We will use fabric safe cleaners to remove the most dirt we can!

Carpet Re-Stretching
Due to wrinkles or past water damage, 100% Guaranteed workmanship Per Est

If your carpeting has buckled, we can restretch it for you! It’s best to get those ripples taken care of before the carpet starts creasing.

Patching/Seam repair
Best in the area! Can make almost anything disappear Per Est

Whether you need to make a stain disappear or fix an old seam, Black Bear Carpet Cleaning and Repair will get the job done!

Transition Installation
Wood, Silverbar, Z Bar, Worn out tac strip Per Est

Looking to change out the flooring in a different room but aren’t sure how to transition between the two? We can help you chose the best transition piece and install it for you!

Water and Fire Restoration
Remove smoke, soot, and water stains Per Est

We have the proper equipment and knowledge to take care of your damaged carpet. We will keep your mind at rest as we restore your carpet.

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Special Pricing
Realtor/Apartment Pricing Per Est

We offer special pricing for realtors and apartment buildings – give us a call for an estimate!

Commercial Steam Cleaning
Carpet, Tile, we work on weekends, and nights if needed Per Est

We will safely remove dirt, spots and odors from your carpet without leaving behind residue!

Pad Replacement‏ from pet/water damage, Patching, seaming Per Est

We will repair your carpeting for you – keeping your commercial space looking fresh!

Cleaning Schedules
Quarterly, Monthly, Yearly

We offer cleaning schedules that work for you – call now to set up your appointments!

Tile Cleaning
Stripping/Re-waxing of Hard Surface Floors

Give us a call for tile cleaning in your commercial space. We will bring your floors back to life!

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